Lessons from the front lines of nonprofit communication.

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With The Playbook, Girls in North Carolina Are Learning to Find It & Love It What if teaching teens about

More Than 100 Communicators Attend Sold-Out Event Designed with nonprofit communicators in mind, the first-ever Create Good Conference was held

That’s what we call a nonprofit rockstar moment! One amazing organization, an Indigogo campaign gone viral, and equality for EVERYONE

Coaching & Growth

From the beginning, our mission has been to improve nonprofit communications so the entire sector flourishes. 

For over a decade we have worked toward that goal and now we are adding coaching to help nonprofits improve from the inside. 

You’ll get an experienced hand, who has seen it all, helping guide your communications team through challenges while mentoring and providing skill development for professional growth. 

You’ll get:

  • one-on-one coaching meetings
  • skill building with detailed steps to follow
  • experience to help your comms team through any crisis
  • hands-on guidance to lead your team through the Kind Review process
  • mentoring from a comms professional who has seen it all 
Dawn Crawford Leading Kindly Review Workshop

No only do we host a kick ass conference, we also have a collection of over 40 training sessions for communicators. Most of the are free!!

From comms planning to advocacy, storytelling, and WTF do we do with social, there’s something in there for everyone.