2016 Individual Donor Benchmark DATA BRIEF – Revealing the Latest Trends in Nonprofit Fundraising


We’re excited to share the results of the 2016 Individual Benchmark (IDB) Survey, this year as a shiny new Data Brief!

After five years working with Third Space Studio to produce the annual IDB Report, it came time to ask ourselves—is a 40 page document the best way to reveal such timely trends?

2016 Individual Donor Benchmark Report Cover

We wanted to offer development teams a quick and easy way to read the data and understand how they stack up against their peers. As Heather Yandow explains, this helps nonprofit fundraisers to “identify strengths, areas of improvement, and to better educate board and staff about the norms of nonprofit fundraising.”

So we set a new standard for success with this brand new Data Brief, expecting you’ll be able to do the same!

Presented by Third Space Studio and BC/DC Ideas, the Individual Donor Benchmark (IDB) Project collects fundraising data from organizations with budgets under $2 million, seeking to identify trends nonprofits can use to evaluate their own fundraising success. In this, our fifth year, we surveyed over 150 national nonprofits to find answers to questions like:

  • What percentage of your annual revenue came from individual donors?
  • What was your donor retention rate?
  • What percentage of your board members engaged in significant fundraising activities this year?

Our learnings provide a roadmap for you to raise the bar for your fundraising team and meet the national averages, or to surpass them!

Ready to set some new goals? Download the 2016 Individual Donor Benchmark Data Brief now.