Triangle Impact Video

Telling your own story can be the most powerful thing an organization does.

We worked with the Triangle Impact board to discover ways to help them promote their unique story. Triangle Impact helps people find volunteer opportunities and provides a much needed volunteer workforce for nonprofits in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill area.

As we learned more, we discovered that Triangle Impact does two things really well. It makes it very easy for volunteers and nonprofits to find each other and match up schedules. The second thing they do well is high-impact volunteer opportunities. Their volunteers get their hands dirty and create a huge impact for people in need around the Triangle in North Carolina. In this video, we showcased these stories to show the breadth and importance of Triangle Impact’s volunteer efforts.

“Working with BC/DC Ideas couldn’t have been easier or a better experience. They have a way of being playful and down-to-Earth in their interaction with the customer, while creating an profession product with significant production value. I would gladly work with them again on any creative project. The video that they produced for us at Triangle Impact has been seen consistently at nonprofit shows and is the headliner on our Website. They really listened to us to discover what we were all about and somehow managed to stuff that into just a few moments of video…the result was truly amazing.”

Joel McCullough, Triangle Impact Board