Wake County Medical Society Annual Report

Telling the stories that bind us together.


Following the rollout of ACA and a significant investment in community health initiatives, Wake County Medical Society wanted to celebrate the work and the people who experienced life transformations.

Our Approach:

For several weeks, we had the pleasure of getting deep inside how the different programs at Wake County Medical Society worked. We learned about a patient’s road to recovery and reclaiming her independence again. We learned about a man who had to restart just about every aspect of his life.

Mostly what we learned, though, is how connected we are. Everyone has a story. Kevin, Rennie, Charles, and Marzella are our friends, co-workers, or neighbors, even if we’ve never met them before.

We also learned how there’s an incredibly dedicated group of people there to pick up the pieces when it all comes unraveled. They are there to help point you in the right direction when you don’t know which step to take first. We are incredibly lucky to have them as a resource and it was an honor to tell their story.