Feedback Style: DIYer

Attributes of a DIYer

Overworked – Insecure – Controlling – Judgmental – Independent – Meddlesome

Who Is The DIYer

No matter how much the creator has listened to the reviewer’s style and words, they can’t help but add their two cents to every round of review. The work always comes back full of changes even when the creative has engaged the reviewer in every process step. Does this sound familiar? Well, there is a DIYer in your review process.
With this feedback style, the project can be completely rewritten with little time to collaborate on a rewrite. The large number of changes makes the creator feel like their voice is lost. For that reason, this is one of the most destructive feedback styles.

This style is so much work. It’s work for the reviewer, and it always plants seeds of doubt in the creator’s ability. This style is cruising for a blowup and breakup because trust isn’t there.

What To Do If You're A DIYer

If you are compelled to become a DIYer because your creator isn’t performing well, address that problem’s root cause. Fixing people’s work because it’s a poor effort wastes everyone’s time. So instead, get rid of the problem.

Let’s admit it: It’s hard to collaborate. You don’t get to see your full vision or add your experience to an idea. Including other viewpoints is the best way to make a better product.

  • Don’t let your ingredient of contribution take over the whole recipe. We’ve all used too much spice in a recipe and ruined it. Sprinkle your additions into an idea, but don’t pour them on.
  • If you need to make changes, try talking to the creator instead of doing the work for them. Give them a chance to fix the dish before it’s served.
  • Add the sparkle of encouragement to your feedback. Make sure to highlight the parts you don’t want to change. Tell your creator what pieces need to stay as is. You could say:
  • Don’t be afraid of failure. You often make a lot of revisions to your team’s work because you’re worried that a new idea will flop. It’s okay to fail as long as the team learns from it.
  • Experiment with taking a light hand on a piece of work and see how it does in the real world.

To break your DIY habit, experiment with letting projects through without your fingerprints all over them and see how they do. I think you’ll be satisfied with the results.

How To Stop Being a DIYer

  • You are not paid to do someone else’s job; if you have a poorly performing creator, fix that problem, not their work.
  • Include other viewpoints; it’s the best way to make a better product.
  • Experiment with taking a light hand on a piece of work and see how it does in the real world.
  • Tell the creator the parts you like and want to keep.
  • Understand that it’s okay to fail as long as the team learns from it.

Acceptance of your Feedback Style is the first step to creating a kind workplace. Great job!

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