Feedback Style: Vague Vocalist

Attributes of a Vague Vocalist

Coach – Creative – Experienced – Leader – Sensitive – Distracted

Who Is The Vague Vocalist

Ah, the review style of those who fancy themselves a coach. This feedback type loves to leave ambiguous comments in the margin that give the creator room to make the changes to their taste. The Vague Vocalist is vocal about wanting change but not specific enough for you to know what they are looking for.

The Vague Vocalist is a close cousin to the Kind Collaborator but without the teeth to give firm direction. This feedback style allows people to produce better products through their own power without being told what to do. This style ultimately wants you to do your work.

The vague reviewer is often creative and sensitive to harsh feedback. They want to create an environment of kind collaboration but usually leave you confused. The ambiguity is like a foggy harbor when the ship is trying to get to the dock. It’s hard to get there, and there are bumps along the way.

What To Do If You're A Vague Vocalist

Being a creative coach is admirable. It’s good that you want to allow people to grow in their creative voices. But being ambiguous is not helping the creator.

  • Focus on what you like about the idea. It’s easy for Vague Vocalists to jump to problem-solving and to coach quickly. However, encouragement is as important as correction. So try to point out what you like about the idea before diving in.
  • Add more clarity to your feedback. Your feedback process might need more concrete direction.
  • Clarity is essential to efficient work. If your team feels that they constantly have to come back to you with questions, you are slowing down the process. You also risk people ignoring your feedback because it’s not concrete enough.
  • Make sure you set your team up for success by being direct about what needs to change and where they can use their skills to make the piece unforgettable.

Burnout can be real for your creators if you don’t pay attention to your vague tendencies. It’s hard to wander around trying to understand what changes you want in a document. Be clear on what you are adding to the idea.

How To Stop Being a Vague Vocalist

  • Know that creators cannot read your mind.
  • Start with what you like about the idea.
  • Give your feedback vocally instead of over email or through track changes.
  • Be concrete about what you want to change: “I like it this way.”

Acceptance of your Feedback Style is the first step to creating a kind workplace. Great job!

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