ALDEA Website

Creating a new home to do good in Guatemala.


ALDEA is a powerful change maker in Guatemala, empowering communities and vulnerable people. When they came to us to create a new digital home, we wanted to honor their work, the people, and the land in Guatemala.

Inspiration and Guiding Principals:

From talking with leadership at ALDEA, we knew we wanted the look to be bright and positive. Bouncing off the brand colors along with the beautiful textiles Guatemala is known for, we created a palette that feels authentic and immediately familiar to the country.

We also took inspiration from the iconic mountain vistas where the Mayan communities live and used them as a graphic element on the page.

It was important to show the work and the impact from that work, so we created the framework to report back their amazing work in the communities and reflect that on the site for everyone to celebrate. 

We created a map to show the communities where ALDEA is having an impact. Diving deeper into the communities tells us more about who they are, because it was important that these communities not just be blips on a map or a talking point. They are real people and we want to tell their story, their history, and how ALDEA is helping.

The community pages not only show the needs, but also serve as a way to report back as conditions improve in each individual community. We created an easy way for ALDEA to update their progress as they make real, lasting change.

Through reflecting the colors, textures and rugged landscape of Guatemala, we created a site that feels both unexpected and comfortable while giving ALDEA the space and power to share their impact.