OACareTools – Helping Patients and Providers

Creating a suite of tools to help people in pain bring more quality to their life.

Helping Patients Move Forward Without Pain


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a major problem for patients and businesses. It is a drag on quality of life for the patients and results in lost work time for the companies. The OA Action Alliance proposed an approach to partner with HR departments to help people suffering from this debilitating condition.

Our Approach:

Getting people back to their favorite activities was the goal of the OAAA OACareTools resource package. This multimedia package of content was launched to reach healthcare providers, Human Resource professionals and patients to help manage osteoarthritis with less pain.

The project included a landing page, print materials, digital content, social media content, interview videos, motion graphics video, and a paid advertising campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Knowing we wanted to create an invaluable hub for the audiences, we knew that we first had to create visual cues to communicate such a complex topic. Then, through research and collaboration with the client we carefully aligned language to explain the importance of acting now and the path to pain management. Finally, we had to extend the campaign’s reach if it was to have success.

Design Language:

We had three main audiences: patients, medical providers, and HR leaders. So we needed to create a visual design language to guide people to the help they were looking for.

We built on the iconic UNC blue with a softer palette to indicate the care OA Action Alliance was bringing to this issue. We also created custom iconography to guide patients and professionals through the journey to a better quality of life.


Using a variety of formats from flyer and infographic to video and website, we laid out the case for why everyone needs to take OA seriously and how to work toward a future with less pain.


We had to make sure the campaign was noticed. So we created video assets, a landing page, and ran an extensive ad buy campaign to ensure that not only did our audience learn about how to deal with OA, but that it also left a lasting impression.



Ad Buy

Campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.